A Notice to Film-makers

You may have read on the previous news entry that we have some changes planned for jimmyteens.tv over the coming year.

As such we’d like to make you aware of the fact that we will be allowing films to be embedded on external sites in the near future.

Films that are currently not set to be downloadable will have the embed feature disabled, and the embed feature can easily be disabled on any film.

If you have a film on the site and you do not wish to allow your film to be embedded on other sites (i.e. you only want your film to be viewable from jimmyteens.tv itself) then please contact us (info@jimmyteens.tv) stating the title and URL of your film. You don’t have to give any explanation as to why.

Please be aware of the fact that after embedding is switched on your film won’t suddenly appear all over the internet; jimmyteens.tv is something of a niche market and therefore the embedded films are only likely to appear on relevant pages (i.e. sites that offer cancer support or articles reporting on jimmyteens.tv).

If you have any concerns whatsoever then don’t hesitate to get in touch.