Welcome to 2012

We’ve had a great 2011 – not only celebrating our 6 year anniversary but also publishing our 1000th film.

I’ll take this opportunity to thank everyone for visiting, supporting, and promoting the site. We couldn’t do it without your support.

The Future

For 2012 we’ve got a lot of good things in store for you. Website wise there will be some changes. Firstly we’ve launched a new video player that’s more compatible with various devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and we’ll shortly also be launching the ability to embed films on other websites.

Beyond that we’ll also be launching a responsive version of the website – this means that the site will respond to whatever device it is being viewed on to display optimally – be that the small screen on your phone or your mahoosive 27″ desktop computer – the site will fit optimally on it.

Further you’ll be able to create playlists of your favourite films for your own use or to share with others, and you’ll even be able to get a notification if a film from a particular channel, author, or keyword, is published.

Website Accounts

Website accounts have temporarily been disabled. The only thing they offered was commenting and you could do that without logging in anyway. It also attracted copious amounts of SPAM.

They will be back when the aforementioned playlist functionality is offered. Anyone with an existing account will be alerted when it is added.


We have a new commenting system, powered by Disqus that will make the whole process easier as well as being able to “like” videos, reply to other comments, and generally have a better experience.

Hospital Visits

Lucie will also be making more hospital visits this year – check out her schedule. As usual we’ll be broadcasting live from Find Your Sense of Tumour ’12 end of February.

That’s not all, watch this space…