Lights…camera…action! From a small town country director with just a video recorder in her hand and a couple of amateur actors by her side, comes the cinematic experience of a lifetime, a film critics are hailing “the thriller of 2008…a chilling portrayal of the effect shattered family dynamics can have on three friends…beautifully directed with a plot like no other…a five star success.” One boy. One girl. One body. A guilty secret hanging over them and a dark tale of deceit. Can they handle the pressure or will one pair of sunglasses be their unplanned demise? The question is, who has the stamina to survive? Who will crumble under the pressure? What is the secret linking their fate…and could Elmo cost them vital time? How long until it’s….GAME OVER? Coming soon to a computer screen near you. Popcorn optional.

Also by Sarah Hall and Jordan Mitchell.
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