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As you know over the last year or so we have been transitioning over to our new name JTV Cancer Support (formerly, unfortunately we can’t change the name on our previous Facebook page so we’ve had to set up a new one to coincide with our new name change…so PLEASE give us a like, you can find us by searching “JTV Cancer Support” on Facebook or by clicking here.

In the new year we will be shutting down the Facebook page so would love you to continue to follow our updates on our new Facebook page.

Please let your Facebook friends know about us & remember we are still on Twitter & Instagram.


Thanks from the JTV team.

One Week In Cancer 2014 : 17th – 23rd November

What is one week in cancer like for you?

We want ANY young person who has been affected by cancer to get involved, whether you are a young cancer patient currently receiving treatment, a young cancer patient off of treatment or even a cancer patient’s sibling/friend to film their week!

So we’re calling for all current, past and future filmmakers to take the camera for one week to film daily updates on what you are up to. We want to know how you are feeling on your treatment, your thoughts on upcoming hospital appointments, the impact of returning to education and work life!

Basically how does cancer impact on your day to day life!

We are wanting a snapshot of your life, so get creative, get involved…Filming is easy! All you need is your smartphone and internet access to upload your footage!

If you would like more information either come talk to us at Find Your Sense of Tumour (14th – 17th November 2014) or please email us


To get inspired and see last years One Week In Cancer please click here.

New Website/Name Change – FAQs

You’ll probably have lots of questions surrounding our new website so we’ve tried to address every possible question below, if you have a question that’s not mentioned please do drop us an email and we shall try our best to answer your query!

Why the name change?

As we’ve previously mentioned, over the last few years we’ve noticed that has become affectionately known as jtv by those who regularly use it. We feel that the time is right to embrace jtv as the new identity for all the work that currently does.

Why keep jtv? Why not change your name completely?

A couple of reasons really, one being the fact that over the last few years we’ve noticed that has become known as jtv and secondly, we still want to keep our history of the past eight and half years.

Is the website completed?

The website is still undergoing a complete revamp so do expect lots of changes over the next few months. At the moment our website is quite basic but by the end of the summer we are hoping to have a completed website with exciting new features so please bear with us and do keep checking back to see the progress!

I’m in touch with one of the team via email, can I still email them?

Yes, please continue to email us! If you email us with an email address ending in they will still reach us as they will be automatically redirected to our new accounts which now end in

What happens if I type into a search engine? Or have bookmarked

If you type it should automatically redirect you to our new site, if you are finding you are having any issues in accessing our website please do get in touch with us

I’m currently filming, can I still film and upload?

Yes and yes! Here at jtv we are continuing our services as normal and would love to have your uploads which you can upload via our website here. You now can upload via your mobile too!

My film was on, will it still be on the new site?

Everything that was on will be on so yes! If for some reason you ever wish for your film to be taken down from our website please contact us

Can I still become a filmmaker?

Yes you can! You can become a filmmaker by contacting us direct, by speaking to your Youth Support Co-ordinator at your Teenage Cancer Trust Unit or by seeing Lucie our Filmmaker Co-ordinator when she’s next in your unit!

We can provide as much filming support as you need. We can help with loaning you one of our cameras, filming ideas and even editing. All you need to do is get in touch and we can help from there!

Will Lucie still be visiting hospitals?

The work that we do here at jtv will remain the same, we will continue to work with young people, hospitals and professionals exactly as we did before.

So what’s next for jtv?

We will be developing new and exciting projects in the future to expand on the work we are already delivering.

Updated Site

There’s been a major update to the site, as you can see. Most notably we have a new domain to go with our new name.

You can read more about the decision on the name change on is changing….

The site has been completely redesigned to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for – with a bigger focus on Cancer Types. There’s a wealth of information in the archives that often get overlooked.

Each Cancer Type will have the best films highlighted within that category. When we say best films, we mean ones that would most appeal to people visiting the site for the first time looking for information on their cancer.

Over the past few years mobile traffic has been increasing and late last year overtook desktop computer views (a trend occurring across the web). As such the new site is fully mobile responsive.

The site is still in beta and there will be changes and refinements coming. If you have any comments or questions then feel free to contact us. is changing…

Over the last few years we’ve noticed that has become affectionately know as JTV by those who regularly use it. We feel that the time is right to embrace JTV as the new identity for all the work that currently does.

After doing market research and having consultations with our affiliated charities, key workers, and of course our current and past filmmakers, the decision was made to rebrand to JTV Cancer Support.

We feel the Cancer Support highlights what we do as a website as we support young people to share their experiences of cancer creatively through film, animation and radio.

The work that we do here at JTV will remain the same, we will continue to work with young people, hospitals and professionals. We will be developing new and exciting projects in the future to expand on the work we are already delivering.

The transition will take place over the next few weeks and we are hoping to have a full re-launch in the summer.

Any questions/comments please do contact

JTV wins another award!

We are very pleased to announce that have won a Healthcare Engagement Strategy Award for Connecting Through Video Therapy.

The Healthcare Engagement Strategy Awards has become the world’s greatest forum for sharing and identifying the world’s most effective strategies in healthcare engagement.

The Healthcare Engagement Strategy Connecting Through Video Therapy award recognises the importance of young people from across the globe collaborating with each other through the sharing of videos about how they are coping with the disease, and it is awarded to us JTV!!!

The project was originally started in 2005 by Mark Wilkinson and the staff of Leeds St. James’ Hospital Teenage Cancer Trust Ward after seeing the benefits of creating video diaries with a young woman who had a terminal diagnosis. These diaries were later used to create the Royal Television Society award winning BBC documentary ‘To Courtney with Love’, directed by Mark Wilkinson. Since then JTV has gone from strength to strength and is not only nationwide but JTV now also features in Australia and Canada.

Lucie Carrington (JTV Filmmaker Co-ordinator) “I think what this project does is amazing, as an ex-cancer patient myself, I am very proud to be apart of JTV as it allows young cancer patients to express themselves in a creative way and not feel so isolated and alone which is often the case.”

Peter Wilkinson (JTV Video Editor) “I’ve always been a strong believer in video therapy as having cancer myself as a young person I have found this a great way to cope with my cancer diagnosis, it gave me a sense of control and helped me to realise that I wasn’t alone. JTV winning this award is amazing news and I am so proud to work for the project”

Tom de Bruin (JTV Web Development) says “It’s a great medium for people to learn from…with the popularity of Youtube, and other websites. Not everyone wants to sit and read a leaflet, it might not suit them. If it does, then they’ve got those options…but doing it through video is a really friendly way, and really powerful

Mark Wilkinson (JTV Project Director) says “Everyone at JTV is very honoured to have won an award at the 2013 Healthcare Engagement Strategy Awards but JTV can’t take all the credit, we’d like to thank our main sponsor Teenage Cancer Trust for the continued support, the various other charities that support us and of course a very special thanks to all of our filmmakers without them filming their experiences and uploading them we simply wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Coming soon…even more FYSOT 2013 Films

After the amazing weekend that was Find Your Sense of Tumour 2013 you’ll be probably wanting to relive the FYSOT weekend, as you’ve probably noticed there is already quite a few FYSOT films up on the site, but there is still more to come so please do keep checking back for your FYSOT fix!

Live From FYSOT on October 12th to 13th

As usual we’ll be broadcasting live from this year’s Find Your Sense of Tumour conference at Centre Parks.

Find Your Sense of Tumour provides a mix of inspirational presentations, fabulous therapies and great social activities. It’s a chance to meet and share experiences with like minded individuals who know what it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer.

There’s more about the event on the Teenage Cancer Trust website

The event is full of inspirational talks and information, if you want to have a look at some previous events they’re all archived on our FYSOT channel.

Here is the the line up for the FYSOT weekend (please note the line up is subject to change) –

Saturday 12th October –

09:15 – Conference to commence – Big Brother montage –

09:30 – Welcome & Introduction with Nigel & Sue

09:35 – Fitness with Mike Gristlethwaite & James Wells

10:00 – Handset Questions

10:15 – Confidence Building – Amanda Farrell

10:30 – Professor Sir Mike Richards at FYSOT & Dr Sean Duffy – ‘Handing over the baton…’

11:00 – Handset Questions

11:10 – Coffee Break

11:35 – Stephen Sutton – ‘Stephen’s Story!’

12:00 – Joe Twyman

12:25 – Handset Questions

12:35 – Giles Long – ‘Changing to Win’

13:00 – Lunch

13:45 – Afternoon Workshops –

  • Germ Cell Tumours
  • Leukaemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Bones & Soft Tissue Sarcoma
  • CNS
  • Rare

15:20 – Conference to finish

19:30 – Dinner

20:30 – Showcase

21:30 – Disco

Sunday 13th October –

10:30 – Conference to commence – Big Brother montage –

10:45 – Katie Ruane – ‘The Journey of a 20 something year old with old man’s Leukaemia’

11:05 – Dame Ellen MacArthur

11:50 – Body Image – Tom Green & Lyndsay Wilson

12:30 – Coffee & baguettes

13:15 – Kayleigh’s workshop in chill out room

13:15 – Fertility Issues for teenagers and young adults – Dr Allan Pacey

13:45 – Survivorship – Laura Meehan & Constanze Dennis

14:15 – Brian Lobel – Cancer survivor & artist

15:00 – #Is it OK…? To ask those awkward, embarrassing, non PC questions

15:30 – Finale – Big Beat

15:45 – Conference to finish

20:00 – Quiz

20:30 – Heroes & Villains themed disco


See you soon!

JTV’s Peter LIVE on BBC Radio tomorrow! editor Peter Wilkinson will be live on air at his local BBC radio station tomorrow morning (Friday 7th June 2013) to discuss life after cancer and the issues surrounding this.

You don’t have to be in the Sheffield area to hear Peter, you can listen online here. Peter is due to talk from about 8:15am so if you’re up early enough, you might just catch his Barnsley tones on the air!

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