New feature: Playlists

The little web monkeys have been working hard and today we are pleased to announce a new feature: playlists.

At the moment we’re the only ones that can create playlists, but you can view them – just head on over to the playlists page. There are only a few there at the moment but we’ll put together a few more. If you have any requests for playlists on a particular subject then let us know via the contact page.

BRIGHTLIGHT – Get Involved – Young Persons Workshop

BRIGHTLIGHT is a research study starting this year. They will be finding out about teenagers and young adults and their experiences of cancer. BRIGHTLIGHT will do this by carrying out a survey with young people five times over three years and hope to involve 2012 young people to take part.

Fancy becoming a BRIGHTLIGHTER? Well, if you are aged 13-24 and were diagnosed with cancer within the last 3 years Brightlight would like you to come to their next meeting on Saturday 18th August 2012 in Leeds (Travel expenses will be covered)

For more information about the day or BRIGHTLIGHT, please see the attached PDF or contact Lorna ( or Anita (

Cross Street Films – Virtually Me

Do you want to be in a film?  Help Cross Street Films make Virtually Me, a documentary for cinema release

 Does social media allow you to be the person you want to be and have the social life you want?

Are you sick of what your parents and the newspapers are saying about ‘teenagers on the internet?’ Are they getting it right or wrong?


Cross Street Films are looking for young people (11-19yr old) to take part in a film about being online, on the phone and in touch with the world at the press of a button.

Do people give social media a bad reputation because they don’t understand it? This is your chance to tell your side of the story, whether it is good, bad or ugly.

Cross Street Films would love to hear from you. Cross Street Films are making a feature-length documentary directed by a Bafta award winning filmmaker, and you could be a part of it.


Please contact Emily if you have any questions or would like to be considered for the film:


Email: or call 0207 502 3818 or

text 0758 0688 647 or BBM 29F6C2DD

BCRT’s Patient’s and Supporters’ Conference, 23 June 2012 – Oxford

Bone Cancer Research Trust’s Patient’s and Supporters’ Conference, 23 June 2012 – Oxford

We would like to invite you to attend BCRT’s Annual Conference for Patient’s and Supporters’ which is taking place at the Oxford Hotel, Oxford on Saturday 23 June.

The conference is always a great mix of medical professionals, researchers, patient’s, family and friends of those affected by primary bone cancer. It’s a chance to meet others who are going through the similar experiences and to speak with clinicians and researchers in a friendly, informal environment.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided and a BBQ is planned for the end of the day.

Find out more and register for your free place(s) at BCRT’s website:

Alternatively email or call on 0113 262 1852

Don’t delay, act now to now to secure your place(s) and spread the word to friends, family and colleagues

Films in the HD

Look here – new films on JTV are now available in High Definition.

Provided it was recorded in HD in the first place you’ll now see a little HD symbol on the player controls. Click that and watch in super duper resolution.

High Definition now available.

In addition to that we also have a splendid new film compression service working behind the scenes, so not only are we offering HD but the file sizes will be much smaller than previously saving you and us precious bandwidth – which is of course important if you’ve viewing over a 3G connection. at your service, oh yeah.

Film embeds are here

A little later than promised (never trust a developer’s timescales) we’re very pleased to announce that film embedding is here.

Embedding means you can take a film from and place it on your site. If the film/ author allows it then you’ll see an embed button below the video player. Click on that to reveal the embed code. Just copy and paste that code into your site.

Note that not all eligible films have been given embed permissions yet so if a film currently doesn’t have the embed enabled it doesn’t mean it never will.

If you have a film on the site and you don’t want it to be displayed on any other sites then please read our previous news item about that.

It’s a new feature so lets slap a beta tag on it. If you have any issues with it then contact us via the contact us page.

Find Your Sense of Tumour 2012 – Schedule

Oh yes! It’s that time of year again, it’s Teenage Cancer Trust’s annual conference for young people and is broadcasting LIVE from Find Your Sense of Tumour at Center Parcs, Nottingham.

Here is the the line up for the FYSOT weekend (please note this times are subject to change) –


Saturday 25th February 2012

09:30 – Welcome & Introduction – Nigel Revell & Sue Morgan

09:50 –

11:00 – Hardeep Singh Kohli

13:30 – RJC Dance

13:50 – What are professionals doing to improve the time to cancer diagnosis for young people? – Tom Grew & Dr. Lorna Fern

14:10 – Panel Discussion on Delay – Bill Badham, Dr Jeremy Whelan, Professor Sir Mike Richards CBE, Dr Louise Jordan, Tom Grew, Simon Davies, Sara Hiom

15:10 – Final Remarks – Professor Sir Mike Richards CBE

20:30 – Showcase


Sunday 26th February 2012

10:30 – Introduction to Kayleigh’s workshop – Sue Morgan & Emma Hargreaves

10:45 – Matt Woolias – Paralympian Ice Hockey Player

11:00 – Fitness – Dr Helen Hatcher

11:30 – RJC Dance

11:40 – Long Term Effects – Lucia Pasqualino

12:00 – Fertility – Dr Allan Pacey, Steph Hayter & Chris Stone

13:30 – Body Image – Zara Free & Peter Wilkinson

14:00 – Sean Swarner, First Cancer Survivor to summit Everest

15:00 – Finale – Big Beat


Remember will be broadcasting LIVE throughout the weekend but do follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for further updates.

A Notice to Film-makers

You may have read on the previous news entry that we have some changes planned for over the coming year.

As such we’d like to make you aware of the fact that we will be allowing films to be embedded on external sites in the near future.

Films that are currently not set to be downloadable will have the embed feature disabled, and the embed feature can easily be disabled on any film.

If you have a film on the site and you do not wish to allow your film to be embedded on other sites (i.e. you only want your film to be viewable from itself) then please contact us ( stating the title and URL of your film. You don’t have to give any explanation as to why.

Please be aware of the fact that after embedding is switched on your film won’t suddenly appear all over the internet; is something of a niche market and therefore the embedded films are only likely to appear on relevant pages (i.e. sites that offer cancer support or articles reporting on

If you have any concerns whatsoever then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Welcome to 2012

We’ve had a great 2011 – not only celebrating our 6 year anniversary but also publishing our 1000th film.

I’ll take this opportunity to thank everyone for visiting, supporting, and promoting the site. We couldn’t do it without your support.

The Future

For 2012 we’ve got a lot of good things in store for you. Website wise there will be some changes. Firstly we’ve launched a new video player that’s more compatible with various devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and we’ll shortly also be launching the ability to embed films on other websites.

Beyond that we’ll also be launching a responsive version of the website – this means that the site will respond to whatever device it is being viewed on to display optimally – be that the small screen on your phone or your mahoosive 27″ desktop computer – the site will fit optimally on it.

Further you’ll be able to create playlists of your favourite films for your own use or to share with others, and you’ll even be able to get a notification if a film from a particular channel, author, or keyword, is published.

Website Accounts

Website accounts have temporarily been disabled. The only thing they offered was commenting and you could do that without logging in anyway. It also attracted copious amounts of SPAM.

They will be back when the aforementioned playlist functionality is offered. Anyone with an existing account will be alerted when it is added.


We have a new commenting system, powered by Disqus that will make the whole process easier as well as being able to “like” videos, reply to other comments, and generally have a better experience.

Hospital Visits

Lucie will also be making more hospital visits this year – check out her schedule. As usual we’ll be broadcasting live from Find Your Sense of Tumour ’12 end of February.

That’s not all, watch this space…

The Mobile Health Competition

Eyeforpharma have launched a competition to come up with an idea for a mobile application to help teenage cancer patients.

“you’ll need to describe your idea for a mobile application intended to help teenage cancer patients. The winning idea will enable these patients to manage their condition and make their lives easier.”

The Mobile Health Competition is open to people working for pharmaceutical companies, as well as advertising agencies, healthcare organizations, patients themselves and the general public. The winner will receive $5,000 (US) to donate to a cancer charity of their choice, plus the opportunity to work with one of eyeforpharma’s partners to bring the idea to fruition.

The Teenager Cancer Trust, patientslikeme, LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance, and a host of other charitable, patient, and mobile specialist companies have partnered with eyeforpharma for the competition.

The closing date for entries is January 3rd 2012. So head on over to the Mobile Health Competition page, get your thinking caps on, and your entries in!