One Week In Cancer : 5th – 12th December 2011

What is one week in cancer like for you?

We want ANY young person who has been affected by cancer to get involved, whether you are a young cancer patient currently receiving treatment, a young cancer patient off of treatment or even a cancer patient’s sibling/friend to film their week!

So we’re calling for all current, past and future film makers to take the camera for one week to film daily updates on what you are up to. We want to know how you are feeling on your treatment, your thoughts on upcoming hospital appointments, the impact of returning to education and work life! Basically how does cancer impact on your day to day life!

We are wanting a snapshot of your life, so get creative, get involved…

If you would like more information, need a camera sending to you or you would like to register to take part in the project please email : on “Sing if You Can”

Sing if You Can starts this Saturday at 7.20pm on ITV1.

We know you will be all be watching it anyway, but we’ve just had confirmation that the first show will be the one that features the film about

Sing If You Can sees some of Britain’s most popular celebrities taken out of their comfort zone to perform in extreme and hilarious circumstances.

Sing if You Can along with Argos is supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust and from 17th April, you’ll be able to walk in to any Argos branch and make a donation in a Teenage Cancer Trust bucket. Other ways to donate are highlighted on the Sing if You Can donation page

So make sure you tune in and tell all your friends!

It’s All New!

Greetings earthlings,

As you may have noticed there’s been a major update to the visual styling of But it’s not just visual, we have added some user features – pretty slim at the moment – but this is the foundation for much more.

There’re are also a few areas that are obviously in need of some work – don’t worry we’ll get round to it shortly. We were a bit rushed because we wanted to roll the update out before the FYSOT conference.

Create an account, or log in with your facebook account. You’ll then be able to comment on films, download them for offline use, and…

More news soon!

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