New Website/Name Change – FAQs

You’ll probably have lots of questions surrounding our new website so we’ve tried to address every possible question below, if you have a question that’s not mentioned please do drop us an email and we shall try our best to answer your query!

Why the name change?

As we’ve previously mentioned, over the last few years we’ve noticed that has become affectionately known as jtv by those who regularly use it. We feel that the time is right to embrace jtv as the new identity for all the work that currently does.

Why keep jtv? Why not change your name completely?

A couple of reasons really, one being the fact that over the last few years we’ve noticed that has become known as jtv and secondly, we still want to keep our history of the past eight and half years.

Is the website completed?

The website is still undergoing a complete revamp so do expect lots of changes over the next few months. At the moment our website is quite basic but by the end of the summer we are hoping to have a completed website with exciting new features so please bear with us and do keep checking back to see the progress!

I’m in touch with one of the team via email, can I still email them?

Yes, please continue to email us! If you email us with an email address ending in they will still reach us as they will be automatically redirected to our new accounts which now end in

What happens if I type into a search engine? Or have bookmarked

If you type it should automatically redirect you to our new site, if you are finding you are having any issues in accessing our website please do get in touch with us

I’m currently filming, can I still film and upload?

Yes and yes! Here at jtv we are continuing our services as normal and would love to have your uploads which you can upload via our website here. You now can upload via your mobile too!

My film was on, will it still be on the new site?

Everything that was on will be on so yes! If for some reason you ever wish for your film to be taken down from our website please contact us

Can I still become a filmmaker?

Yes you can! You can become a filmmaker by contacting us direct, by speaking to your Youth Support Co-ordinator at your Teenage Cancer Trust Unit or by seeing Lucie our Filmmaker Co-ordinator when she’s next in your unit!

We can provide as much filming support as you need. We can help with loaning you one of our cameras, filming ideas and even editing. All you need to do is get in touch and we can help from there!

Will Lucie still be visiting hospitals?

The work that we do here at jtv will remain the same, we will continue to work with young people, hospitals and professionals exactly as we did before.

So what’s next for jtv?

We will be developing new and exciting projects in the future to expand on the work we are already delivering.