Updated Site

There’s been a major update to the site, as you can see. Most notably we have a new domain jtvcancersupport.com to go with our new name.

You can read more about the decision on the name change on jimmyteens.tv is changing….

The site has been completely redesigned to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for – with a bigger focus on Cancer Types. There’s a wealth of information in the archives that often get overlooked.

Each Cancer Type will have the best films highlighted within that category. When we say best films, we mean ones that would most appeal to people visiting the site for the first time looking for information on their cancer.

Over the past few years mobile traffic has been increasing and late last year overtook desktop computer views (a trend occurring across the web). As such the new site is fully mobile responsive.

The site is still in beta and there will be changes and refinements coming. If you have any comments or questions then feel free to contact us.