It’s party time as Josephine prepares for her Cinderella ball, complete with carriage and tiara, in aid of her upcoming birthday. First stop, hair and makeup where the girls are transformed into princesses and then top it off with a rather royal banquet at the wonderfully regal Burger King! The frocks are fitted, the balloons are up, the horses are waiting, there’s only one thing that’s missing…a pig! Will an emergency radio call send one ‘oinking’ Josie’s way? Covered in jewels and every inch the Disney princess, Josephine will go to the ball, even without a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand! With a vast array of presents fit for a queen, Josie tears open her first one and gets what she has always wanted- a blue horse, which saves dying any pets thankfully! As the party celebrations come to an end and the candles have been blown out, a newly crowned ‘Rose of Tralee’ makes her way to her royal chambers to catch up on some well earned beauty sleep. And they all lived happily ever after!

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