In this truthful and informative film, as part of the Head Space series, former cancer patient Marina reminisces over the past few years and tells us about her experience with the illness and how it has changed her life, with work, family and friends being just some of the factors affected. Marina explains how her job as a chef, specialising in cake making and decorating, has been a comfort to her during hard times, never letting being ill stopping her from finishing that one last cake! We get a look at the scrummy cakes in question, as Marina shows us some of her personal favourites and proudly displays her Icing certificates. After finding out that she had a second tumour, we hear how difficult it was to take the news, when Marina explains how she felt as though her world had fallen apart as there were so many goals and dreams that hadn’t been achieved yet. She also tells us how worried she was when she feared her creative streak and passion for cakes may be subdued once treatment began and disruption set in. After showing us a masterpiece in progress i.e. Roary the racing car, Marina goes on to explain how this passion for her work and life has always been backed up by a strong support network, namely her religion, her family, friends and her spirituality.

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