Race for life day has finally arrived and team Bonnie are out in full force and raring to go! With their legs stretched and their trainers on both feet, the 5k race begins with Bonnie at the front leading the way and giving us a running commentary of how her race skills are shaping up. As they near the end, it’s tempting to stop, but Bonnie just keeps on going until she reaches that finish line! Back at home, the chocolate is out and the legs are resting as everyone, including Bonnie feels worn out after their active morning, which has raised a staggering two and a half thousand pounds for Cancer Research. With the race completed and everyone recovered, Bonnie gives us a summary of the past few days, including a trip to the hospital to have her stomach drained, in which 3 litres of liquid were drained, an amount Bonnie represents with three cartons of fruit juice! As her holiday approaches, Bonnie looks forward to having a break away from home and rejuvenating on a boating holiday. We get a tour around the boat in question and some of the beautiful surrounding scenery as Bonnie has a well deserved break from normality and enjoys herself surrounded by her family, her friends and the sunshine.

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