It’s all go go go as both radiotherapy and exams get underway and Alice prepares for the busy schedule ahead of her. With radiotherapy everyday for the next 4 ½ weeks, Alice explains how she can’t wait to get it all over and done with and get on with life as normal. On the foot front, a successful period of driving again without any pain fills Alice with bundles of confidence and relief at the thought of finally being crutch free. After missing it first time round due to previous treatment, an apprehensive Alice prepares for her maths exam and reports back after to tell us how it went… with complete success of course! A weekend away in London with friends at the Give It A Name festival comes as a welcome break from treatment and exams and gives Alice a chance to see some of her all time favourite bands play, even if a late night getting back home does cause sore eyes the next day! As Alice’s tough schedule of radiotherapy continues, she explains how treatment isn’t what’s worrying her most. In true Alice form, passing her exams and continuing with revision are her main concerns, even with the side effects of treatment causing her to feel tired and lethargic… leaving us wondering where she gets her energy from!

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