• Published: 4th Dec '08

Starting with ‘You, Me and Cancer’, a documentary made by three young cancer patients, sharing their experiences and how their lives have changed, the story of how Jimmyteens grew to be the roaring success it is now is one with much progression…After the success of the documentary, as part of the BBC One Life series, the powerful and emotional film, “To Courtney, With Love” was made, which was met with incredible feedback, bringing in the biggest audience of any One Life film. This amazing footage sparked the idea of giving cameras to young people with cancer, so, like Becky’s sister, Vicky, they could talk about how they were feeling, gain comfort from talking and in the process, help other cancer patients too. With support from individuals and charities all around and TCT as its main sponsor, the website was born, a wide variety of films were made, from animations to documentaries and the rest, they say, is history!