Far away, out of sight of hospital, machines and other patients is a magical place…a place that Cambridge’s young adults will be seeing a lot more of as the brand new “Oasis” centre is revealed…and a tropical Oasis it certainly is! Designed as an interim solution until the new teenage unit is built, the centre provides a wonderful and contemporary haven for teenagers to relax in, interact with other young patients and most importantly, be transported away from the confines of hospital. With a host of impressive facilities, including a wipe clean wall for plenty of fun filled doodles, a light up jukebox and every games console you could wish for, Cambridge certainly won’t run out of ideas to have fun! Not only does the centre provide a hang out for patients, it is fully equipped with facilities for friends and family and even comes with a tropical themed complementary therapy room to really transport patients to paradise…all that’s missing now is the sunshine!

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