Fear not Pierre fans, the tissues can be put away, you can turn that frown upside down and let a little sunshine back into your lives. That’s right, Pierre is back. And who better to round up 2009 other than Barnsley’s finest? It’s been a big year for Pierre, with his celebrity status reaching a whole new level as he stormed the media and gained thousands of adoring followers. Don’t you worry though, success certainly hasn’t gone to our reviewer’s head, he’s still the modest Pierre we all know and love. With some meaty facts and figures to impress you all, including Most Watched Film, Total Number of Films and Top Five Units, we learn just how much of a successful year 2009 has been for JimmyTeens TV…and Pierre of course, who can now be referred to as Cancer Survivor 2009. With 2010 already in full swing, can this year be even bigger and better? Watch this space!