When Faye was born she had a small red patch on her neck which her parents noticed was getting bigger, eventually it got so big it began to press on Faye’s windpipe so the decision was made to give Faye radiotherapy which worked. Faye was seen for check ups every year at The Christie Hospital and unknown to her was been monitored for signs of cancer due to exposure of radiation. In December 2008 after a couple of needle biopsies Faye was completely shocked when told she had Papillary Thyroid Cancer something even her Doctors didn’t think she would have. Luckily for Faye her cancer had a survival rate of 96-98% which doctors tried to convince her was the best cancer to have, however Faye felt that didn’t make her cancer any easier to have. After surgery Faye was put on a low iodine diet – no dairy, chocolate or seafood and then began her radioactive iodine treatment which caused her thyroid cells to swell up and burst.

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