Stacy was diagnosed at 21 years old with an aggressive primitive neuroectodermal tumour back in 2007 after months of visiting her GP with symptoms of passing blood and a large lump on her side. Stacy eventually requested an opinion from a second doctor who referred her for an ultrasound which discovered a large tumour. Doctors had to deal with Stacy’s diagnosis very carefully as her tumour was very close to her heart and booked her in for surgery, however in the meantime Stacy started to have breathing difficulties which later was discovered to be the cause of a blood clot the doctors had to act fast and perform emergency surgery. Stacy then went through a gruelling chemotherapy regime which they had to end early as her body couldn’t take anymore treatment and two years after treatment Stacy relapsed. Even though Stacy has now been left with kidney failure and awaiting a kidney transplant, Stacy speaks about how she’s changed for the better and how she appreciates all her family and knows exactly who her friends are.

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