Stephanie, Lily and Ella instantly connected when they met on their Trust trip. They learned new skills, made lots of friends and most importantly had fun. Interested in coming on a Trust trip? Find out more here.

Emmie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at seven. She explains how the support of the Trust helped her let go of the anger she held on to after treatment.

It was hard for Ammarah sitting in hospital watching her friends’ Snapchat stories while she was receiving chemotherapy for Hodgkin Lymphoma, but the Trust help her feel part of something again.

Nathaniel had treatment for Lymphoma as a child. But after experiencing Late Effects into his 20s, he found the support of the Trust invaluable.

Little did Hannah know how the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust would transform her life after hearing the words ‘Leukaemia’.