All the coverage from this year’s glitziest showbiz event- The Jimmyteens Oscars, held on the 4th April, 2008 in Little Abington, Cambridge. Celebrating the incredible achievements of Cambridge’s video stars and hosted by the wonderful and animated Jungle King Christopher Biggins, this was a dazzling night of food, drink, dancing and laughter, but above all, it was an evening to recognise the outstanding talent and incredible efforts of just a selection of the film makers on the website.

With an assortment of tempting awards and some pretty shiny trophies, the evening was set to be just as glittery as some of the dresses on show as the nominees waited eagerly for their name to be called and a cheeky peck on the cheek from Mr. Biggins himself! So as the night drew to an end, carriages arrived and wine bottles stood empty on the tables, there was only one question in mind….who needs the real Oscars anyway?!

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