As glitzy and jam packed as any good television show, this is Rosa TV, a new addition here on jimmyteens, hosted by Rosa Coker Burnett, who, by the looks of things, is destined to be a TV star. First on the agenda is an interview with Rosa, as we learn about her experience with cancer and how she occupied her time in hospital, visiting the school room and playing Simpson’s games being top on the list! In between talking, Rosa flicks through her sacred journal, bursting to the brim with riddles, poems, stickers, pictures and memories of her time in hospital. We are also introduced to a line up of furry friends- Poppy the rabbit, George the bear with glasses, Monkey, and Snuffles, who is feeling a little camera shy and won’t sit up with the others. Like any good television crew, we get a change of scenery and a break from the studio as Rosa walks and talks whilst taking the real Poppy for a run around in the surrounding woods outside her home.

It’s a happy reunion for Rosa and her dog, who haven’t seen each other for a while- sadly for them, no pets are allowed in hospital! Now for the crafty part of the show….learn how to construct your very own top secret eco-friendly den, members only permitted. All you need is a good selection of branches, a big pile of moss, a thick spreading of leaves and some friends to share it with….available in any good forest!