Get ready for the tour of your life as Peter “Pierre” Wilkinson, cancer patient of the year 2007 AND 8 no less, gives us a lively look at the Sheffield TCTU ward and even demonstrates some of its wonderful facilities…although you might want to look away for that bit! Grubs up in the kitchen as “Pierre” gives us a run through of its uses, whilst causing five pounds worth of damage, no thanks to camera man Bob who just can’t keep that lens straight! Peter also reminds us all that its pizza night on a Tuesday and if your lucky you might even get…wait for it…a curry. Prepare to get more than you bargained for when our wannabe presenter gives us a peek of the fancy en-suite bedrooms, where, a call from mum interrupts the “cool” flow. On to the chill out room now, where Pierre finds himself making small talk with an unusual character, who, surprisingly manages to maintain his posture amongst the chaos of keyboard playing and telling Bob off. It’s a case of “over and out” as the tour comes to an end and Mr. Pierre Wilkinson, cancer patient of the year 2007 AND 8, but now an out-patient, returns to his dressing room back at the “studio” with Bob not far behind, fetching him ice cold drinks… and altering camera angles to make him look fancy…maybe in a few years time!

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