With exams just round the corner and radiotherapy about to begin, Alice is feeling the strain of having to deal with both school and treatment whilst still battling with the demon crutches! In her words, Alice explains how she could do with some “time out” to forget about things and relax without worrying about other complications. Walking has never seemed like such a luxury as Alice explains how important it is not to take it for granted and longs for the use of her legs once more. After a period of feeling down, Alice perks up after a very successful weekend of walking without crutches and despite it being a long process, is determined to be running around as soon as possible! As the foot in question is beginning to heal nicely, Alice takes the time to show us where the operation took place…a process which still makes her go a bit funny when she has to look at it for too long! In preparation for radiotherapy, Alice takes a trip to the hospital where a mould of her leg is taken, followed up by a heavy tattooing session…unfortunately for radiotherapy purposes only!

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