In this latest instalment, Alice explains how she is feeling as she continues on with her difficult schedule, which is mainly tiredness and generally feeling “rubbish”. With an ongoing pain in her shoulder, Alice prepares for a review to get to the underlying issue, but soon finds out the real problem…shingles! Just as she thought things were sorted, Alice wakes up to a blinding headache causing her awful pain and an emergency trip to Addenbrookes is called upon where Alice discovers more than she bargained for when they tell her she has suspected meningitis. After having a series of tests at the hospital, meningitis is soon off the agenda as Alice discovers she has a head tumour, located on the surface of her brain, on membrane called the meninges. With more knock backs than even imaginable, Alice still stays inspirationally positive and has a strong plan of attack once more- five lots of high dose radiotherapy on her head and despite everything, still plans to take her exams…and organise a party for Friday night!

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