It’s nearly two years to the day since Alice was first diagnosed and although she finds herself in a similar situation treatment wise, she is more determined than ever. As radiotherapy on her head does its job, Alice’s hair begins to fall out until she can’t bear the itch any longer and gets it all shaved off. Race for life day arrives as Alice and her mum proudly walk the walk for Rhabdo and successfully reach the finish line, an achievement in itself! Pain in Alice’s back causes concern until a series of scans reveal the underlying problem- a tumour in her spine and frustratingly, it’s back in her bone marrow once more. Never one to stay down for long, Alice isn’t looking forward to more chemo, but is eager to start treatment and start fighting again. As Alice talks us through her treatment plan, she explains how frustrated and shocked she feels at the thought of the cancer being back in her bone marrow and can’t understand why it keeps coming back. Instead of a Hickman line, this time round Alice has a portacath fitted in preparation for chemo and starts to get ready for her time in hospital, which surprisingly Alice is looking forward to, mainly so she can get it done and get on with her life once more.

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