Who needs MTV following you around when trusty camera man Bob is at hand to film you as you unleash your home and possessions to the adoring public? Piere Wilkinson certainly doesn’t! Like any credible celebrity these days, film star and cancer patient of the year 2008 Piere opens his doors and gives us regular folk a snapshot of what you can expect when millions of people idolise the ground you walk on! Gold plated baths and home cinema screens it might not be….but since when did the likes of 50 Cent have personalised messages made out of alphabet magnets left on their fridge? There’s a new surprise in every room as our resident comedy king carries on doing what he does best- rolling out the laughs and making fun of Bob of course. As the tour comes to and end and Bob is given his marching orders, there’s only one thing left to ponder upon…in years to come will we be watching Piere have his very own slot on the genuine Cribs?!

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