Part three of Joe’s films sees him talk about his initial experience with radiotherapy, and how much less complex it felt than receiving chemotherapy. Lucky enough to experience no real side effects of the radiotherapy, Joe talks about the differences between the two types of treatment. Still at university at this point, Joe talks about the difficulties of maintaining his studies and attending lectures, all whilst coping with the side effects of treatment. Despite this huge strain on his education, Joe managed to pass his first year successfully, a colossal personal achievement on his part. Even though he managed his academic side effectively, Joe talks about missing out on the extra curricular activities and how this affected his overall experience, feeling as though he wasn’t gaining everything he anticipated from university. Faced with some critical health decisions concerning which path to take with his treatment, Joe explains how he conducted his own research on various procedures, discovering his own findings and making choices based on his own personal feelings and philosophy of the situation.

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