The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust has launched its ’12 Years, 12 Stories’ video series with the help of Tom Roberts, 22, from Ripley, Derby, a budding videographer who has sailed with the Trust as both a young person with cancer and as a volunteer for the charity.

The series of 12 videos has been created to celebrate the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust’s 12th year. The videos, which will be released one at a time on a monthly basis, each follow the story of a different young person who has sailed with the Trust during their recovery from cancer.

The first video focuses on Tom who steps in front of the camera to tell his own story about how the Trust helped him to embrace his future after cancer.

Tom, who finished treatment in October 2008 for Ewings sarcoma at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham explains the impact of his experience with the Trust:

“It never really struck me at the time how much it helped. It’s only when I look back now and think, it was the Trust that changed it for me. My first Trust sailing trip accelerated the confidence-building process massively. The whole experience was exactly what I needed. I met some incredible people during the trip and I’ve since met many more as a result of my subsequent involvement with the Trust.”

Having completed his BA Honors Multimedia, Tom is now doing a MA Visual Communication Masters at Nottingham Trent. The ’12 Years, 12 Stories’ project has given him the opportunity to explore how the Trust has helped other young people and gives them the chance to reflect on what impact the Trust has made on their lives, he adds:

“To share what I’ve discovered about myself through my experience with the Trust and to show the potential that people have, is really key. For people to go through really dark times and come out the other side and absolutely shine at what they do or who they are is what made me want to tell these stories; it’s what has led me down the filmmaking route.”

The aim of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is to give young people in recovery from cancer the chance to rebuild their confidence through sailing. Embarking on its 12th year, the Trust has grown beyond every expectation into a national charity. Working with every young person Principal Treatment Centre and a growing number of Designated Units in the UK. Taking young people aged between 8-24 who are recovering from cancer on four-day sailing trips. For more information on Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust please visit their website here.

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