After finding herself back in hospital again due to an infection and low counts, Alice is feeling deflated and wants to be back at home. After a talk with the doctors however, Alice soon realises she must stay and get better before she can return home, and sure enough, proving everyone wrong, her counts steadily creep back up to normal range! An ecstatic Alice finally returns to her home comforts, but also returns to the ever looming exam results day, causing her to feel a mixture of emotions. The day arrives, and amazingly, Alice gains a sparkling set of grades, despite being extremely ill when sitting them. A post exams party with friends means only one thing…drunken, camp dancing from Jordan! It’s a case of festival fever as Alice has an amazing time at V and Reading, managing to meet one of her favourite bands, Muse. After all the fun of mingling with celebrities, Alice is suitably worn out, but doesn’t stop there…she has a full treatment plan sorted and is already planning a holiday!

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